Mammoth Gone Extinct? No Problem, We’ll Make Another One!

That’s just what scientists are telling us. They are talking about resurrecting an extinct species for as little as $10 million dollars. Using newer and improved technology scientist claim to be able to bring back any species that went extinct within the last 60,000 years, which includes Neanderthals.

Here’s how it would work. Scientists would modify the DNA of an elephant egg so that it would progressively resemble the DNA in a mammoth egg. The final stages of the egg could then be brought to term in an elephant mother, and mammoths might once again roam the Earth. This is all done by finding DNA differences with the genome of its nearest living relative, the elephant.

AT&T Announces 18Meg U-Verse Tier

It’s official, AT&T announces 18Mbps U-Verse Tier. The new tier for UVerse is now their fastest offering which they confirm as “Internet Max 18” and will be available to eligible residential customers on November 9th, 2008. The new tier is specifically geared towards those customers close enough to a DSLAM and those that don’t go over the maximum 25Mbps for both data (Internet) and TV.

While there have been reports of customers syncing at 100Mbps, there probably aren’t very many that can actually obtain the 18Mbps service along with multiple HD feeds. Distance and what TV services a customer has, will greatly limit the new tiers availability.

AT&T Broadband Users’ Say Hello to Broadband Caps

Say goodbye to unlimited data transfers. AT&T is now testing the idea of implementing monthly data caps for its broadband users and could result in a more widespread rollout in the near future.

The trail run is being put to the test in the city of Reno, Nevada. Beginning November 1st, 2008 users will be capped at a monthly rate between 20GB – 150GB depending on your DSL service speed. Any data transferred above this limit will be bill at $1 per gigabyte, following a one-month grace period.

CNN Uses Holographic Technology to Beam Reporter to Studio

CNN brought all the tricks out of the bag this year during the presidential Election Day. On Tuesday, they “beamed” CNN’s Jessica Yellin to the CNN studios hundreds of miles away and made it appear as though she was in the room talking with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.

They called this “Holographic” technology, and in reality it was not. While it was very interesting to watch and will probably be used more in the future by studio’s, it’s far from holographic technology.

This fancy trick involved over 44 HD cameras and nearly 20 computers to produce. The HD cameras shoot at all different angles of the body to produce an entire image of the body, similar to motion pictures like The Matrix. This entire system is hooked up in trailers outside the HQ’s of Obama and McCain.

iPod Creator Leaving Apple and Being Replaced By IBM Topgun

Tony Fadell, someone you may not know, but has been over division of Apple that almost every one of us knows about – Apple’s iPod Division. Tony has been with Apple since the beginning of the iPod and is now leaving the company at the end of 2008. His replacement, Mark Papermaster is resuming role as Senior Vice President of Devices Hardware Engineering and is reporting to Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs.

Fast Cheap WiFi For All – FCC Opens White Space

The “white space” spectrum that large tech giants like Google and Microsoft state would be best used for portable devices is now available to the Public. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made a major milestone yesterday as it approved the new airwaves to be opened to the public. The new airwaves will be used by the public for cheap high-speed wireless Internet access.