Atlantis Astronauts Awaken to Star Trek Theme Song

By James Anderson •  Updated: 05/20/09 •  1 min read

The day of rest given to the astronauts on board Space Shuttle Atlantis is a much-needed one after their five grueling spacewalks over the past week to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

When the crew woke up this morning, they were awakened by the ‘Star Trek’ theme song from the television series – and the song was played for the entire crew.

Resting aside, the crew will talk to the media this morning at different NASA centers about the mission of repairing Hubble and their thoughts of being a part of the fifth and final servicing mission.

Around lunchtime today, the crew will make a ship-to-ship communication call between the International Space Station and Atlantis to ‘catch up on things’.

After the crew has completed all of their communications for the day, the crew will enjoy the rest of the day off by enjoying the Earth views and playing with their food in zero-gravity.

Tomorrow, the crew will be preparing for their return home to Earth on Friday.

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