Casinos Warn of New iPhone Card Counting App

By Wesley Roberts •  Updated: 08/24/20 •  2 min read

Gaming commissions in Nevada are informing casinos that a new card counting program has made its way to the Apple iPhone, called Hi Lo.

This Blackjack Card Counting program can be utilized on either the Apple iPhone or the Apple iPod touch (portable music player). Once this program is installed on the phone through the I-tunes website it can make counting cards easy. The program calculates the True Count and does it significantly more accurately. The card counting program uses a choice of four (4) card counting strategies.

For each strategy, the user presses the button that contains the face cards as they are drawn from the deck. Depending on the strategy and on the value of the card the button will either add or subtract 1 or 2 from the Running Count. The program can utilize the following card counting methods including Hi-Low, Hi-Op I, Hi- Op II, and Omega II.

Hi Lo Card Counting App

Hi Lo card counting appThis program can be used in the Stealth Mode. When the program is used in the Stealth Mode the screen of the phone will remain shut off, and as long as the user knows where the keys are located the program can be run effortlessly without detection.

Randall Sayre, of the Nevada Gaming Commission says

“Use of this type of program or possession of a device with this type of program on it (with the intent to use it), in a licensed gaming establishment, is a violation of NRS 465.075.”

The idea behind counting cards in blackjack is that a deck of cards with a high proportion of high cards (ten-valued cards and aces) to low cards is good for the player, while the reverse (a deck with a high proportion of low cards to high cards) is good for the dealer. A deck rich in tens and aces improves the player’s odds because blackjacks (which offer a higher payout than other winning hands) become more common, the dealer is more likely to bust a stiff hand, and double-downs are more successful.

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