SkinTrack Turns Your Arm Into A Smartwatch Touchpad

A new wearable technology transforms your whole lower arm into a touchpad, widening smartwatch interactions beyond the small watch face. Called SkinTrack, the system allows for continuous touch tracking on the hands and arms. It also can detect touches at specific locations on the skin, creating functionality similar to buttons or slider controls. “The great [...]

Will We Care About Climate Change As Winters Get Warmer?

The majority of Americans have enjoyed more favorable weather conditions during the past 40 years. But that trend is projected to reverse over the course of the coming century. Will that shift come too late to spark demands for policy responses to climate change? A recent analysis published in the journal Nature found that 80 [...]

Light-controllable Dispersion And Recovery Of Graphene

A simple and effective way of capturing graphenes and the toxins and contaminants they attract from water by using light has been found by Monash University researchers. The findings, published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Nanoscale, could have important ramifications for large-scale water purification. A modest quantity of a special light-sensitive soap was [...]

Pulsar Shows Gravity To Be Constant Throughout Universe

Astronomers are now closer to understanding how gravity works across the universe, thanks to a 21-year study of a pair of stars, a pulsar and a white dwarf. Pulsars are rapidly spinning, superdense remains of massive stars that burst as supernovas. They are detected from Earth by the beams of radio waves that emanate from [...]