Plants and Animals

Great Barrier Reef Now 50% Dead Or Dying

More bad news for one of Earth’s largest marine eco-systems. As unprecedented mass bleaching spreads across Australia‚Äôs coral reefs, more than half of the corals in many parts of the Great Barrier Reef are dead or dying. Corals consist of tiny animals, known as polyps, which have microscopic plants from the genus Symbiodinium, living inside [...]

Did The First Monkey Arrive In North America By Raft?

Seven tiny teeth tell the story of an ancient monkey that made a 100-mile trek across the ocean between North and South America into modern-day Panama, the first fossil evidence for the existence of monkeys in North America. The find provides the oldest fossil evidence for the interchange of mammals between South and North America [...]

Scientists have come accross some surprising facts about a certain tropical fruit, in the search to defend crops from the effects of drought. By sequencing its genome, scientists are homing in on the genes and genetic pathways that allow the juicy pineapple plant to thrive in water-limited environments. Their findings also open a window on [...]