CNN Uses Holographic Technology to Beam Reporter to Studio

CNN brought all the tricks out of the bag this year during the presidential Election Day. On Tuesday, they “beamed” CNN’s Jessica Yellin to the CNN studios hundreds of miles away and made it appear as though she was in the room talking with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.

They called this “Holographic” technology, and in reality it was not. While it was very interesting to watch and will probably be used more in the future by studio’s, it’s far from holographic technology.

This fancy trick involved over 44 HD cameras and nearly 20 computers to produce. The HD cameras shoot at all different angles of the body to produce an entire image of the body, similar to motion pictures like The Matrix. This entire system is hooked up in trailers outside the HQ’s of Obama and McCain.

Now, in the CNN studio neither Blitzer nor Cooper was actually able to see this 3D image but probably simply saw them on a screen if anything. A true hologram must be projected on a multiplane physical wall infused with particulate which would reflect the projected image in so called, layers. This type of glass wall was not used in the CNN studio, probably due to the fact of complexity and more notably the cost.

Regardless, the 3D effect was first used in a CNN news studio and we’ll probably see it again and more perfected as time goes on.