HP Sprout’s 3D Capture Stage Enables 3D Scanning At $299

Hewlett-Packard announced Thursday a new accessory and application for its Sprout PC, designed to fuse virtual and 3D printed worlds. The $299 3D Capture Stage, which comes with an upgrade to Sprouts’s 3D Snapshot software, called 3D Capture, is designed to make 360-degree capture of 3D data easier.

The Sprout on its own, was able to digitize objects with a built-in overhead cameras and scanner. But it was unweildy to capture 3D images with the Sprout, since the 3D Snapshot software could process only one side of an object.

The upgraded software will now walk the user through scanning an object from multiple angles, then fuses the images together to create a 3D rendering. The process remains a multiple step task, but the results are far more robust and og higher quality.

“Sprout, HP’s onramp to its Blended Reality strategy, is the first step on our mission to deliver truly immersive experiences,” said Eric Monsef, Highly Immersive Systems, HP. “The innovative 3D Capture solution uniquely allows users to easily capture an object in 3D that can then be further modified, shared, and printed.”

The circular 3D Capture Stage isbe placed at the base of the HP Sprout PC, beneath the RealSense 3D Camera. The device is angled at 15 degrees, and rotate the object slowly, capturing up to eight discrete scans to blend into one 3D scan.

Data can be also outputed to edit in third-party 3D modelling programs such as Autodesk’s Meshmixer or Microsoft’s 3D Builder. The $299 price point makes it among the most affordable 3D scanners available, if you do not include the price of the Sprout PC itself ($1899).

Don’t forget you still need to budget for a 3D printer if you do not have, as well. HP does not yet offer their own branded 3D printer, but the company announced it is working with Dremel to provide an end-to-end scan to print solution with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer. HP is also working with print service providers to provide an easy way to order 3D prints for delivery by mail.

The 3D Capture Stage accessory will be available in July at www.sprout.com and select retailers.

Photo: via HP