Jolicloud The Free OS For Netbooks Ready For Prime Time?

By Michael Horton •  Updated: 08/17/09 •  2 min read

Jolicloud, a new web-based or cloud-based OS (Operating System) for your netbook may just be the direct competition that Google and Microsoft aren’t looking for. Jolicloud, being the first one out of the gate with a polished, fast, and lightweight alternative OS for the netbook could take a substantial lead in the marketplace if it plays its cards right.

In July of this year, Jolicloud completed a $4.2 million funding effort to fund the startup project and move the product into a private alpha. Jolicloud’s development started in 2008 and has since gained support from Skype, Joost, Kazza, and Niklas Zennstrom the co-founder of Atomico Ventures.

The money is there and from the screenshots of the OS it definitely looks like the talent is there to build an extraordinary fresh new cloud-based OS for netbooks.

Jolicloud Opportunity

According to Atomico Ventures co-founder Niklas Zennstrm,

“Jolicloud is a classic example of a massive disruptive opportunity in a market where high risk has a potential to lead to a high return. Whoever gets it right will be very successful and this is what we love. Tariqs successful background as a serial entrepreneur makes him well positioned to do this. He’s a great example of a new breed of European entrepreneur who is able to think big and execute well.”

The testing is currently still in private alpha but you can request to be invited by heading to the invitation page.

“Jolicloud is poised to significantly change the way we use computers. The company’s founder is one of those rare people who understands what it takes to build a product with mass appeal. The early prototypes are encouraging and we look forward to being part of an adventure which we hope will bring low cost computing with exceptional ease of use and high functionality to the millions of people who simply find existing products unexciting, expensive or difficult to use,”

said Mangrove Capital Partners General Partner Michael Jackson.