Mac’s Gain Over 2% Market Share as Windows Spirals

By James Anderson •  Updated: 02/02/09 •  3 min read

Based on reports from Market Share, Macs have gained 2.36% market share from one year ago this past January. January 2008, Apple had a market share of 7.57% with its Macs compared to almost 10% this past January, representing 9.93%.

Should we also mention the iPhone has more than tripled its market share from one year ago? You can attribute this success to the innovative products that Apple produces.

The iPhone has only been contributing to the success of other Apple products like the Mac by placing the innovation of Apple directly into the hands of consumers to get a taste and feel of what their other products are like.

Thanks To Vista

Another major contributing factor to the success of the Mac this year is Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft’s Vista operating system has come with many flaws and problems for organizations and homeowners alike. Many customers are fed up with the direction their operating system is heading and are looking for a change, and that change for many has been Apple.

Unlike Apple, Microsoft continues to lose market share. Windows had 91.50% market share in January 2008 and sunk below 90% to 88.26% in January of 2009 which results in a 3.24% year drop.

For reasons we have already stated, Microsoft is losing market share for its inability to create innovation in its operating system. They have attempted to add a few new touches in their next operating system, Windows 7. However, we are still unsure if it will help at this point.

What would help Microsoft would be to completely build their next operating system from the ground up. Sure, they could reuse some code and some of the UI (User Interface) but they should redesign the kernel (the main inter-workings), the file system – yes get rid of NTFS, and other working parts that have been around since Windows 95. I think consumers are wanting a huge change, like going from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. That’s the innovation we are seeking. Until then, we only see the continual downward spiral in market share for the Windows operating system.


Last but certainty not least, is Linux. Linux is among the like of Apple, representing an increasing market share.

The penguins gained 0.19% market share to 0.83% from a year ago where it was at 0.64%. Linux is definitely a great fre alternative to Windows and Apple. There are many different types of distributions from CentOS to Ubuntu and from Debian to Gentoo.

Clearly, there are many great Linux distributions and they all add to the growing number of switchers to the ever-growing Linux market.