Minuum Keyboard 2.3 version Released

minuum 2.3In the latest release of Minuum, keyboard tapping sounds can be customized by choosing between three tones.

The guys at Whirlscape have been updating the Minuum virtual Android keyboard since it came out of beta, and today’s release, the latest, is 2.3.

Also in 2.3, a numpad had been added to the full keyboard mode. Minuum’s creators have bowed to customer requests and put in the option to use Dvorak and Colemak keyboard layouts.

Just to bring you up to speed, version 2.2 incorporated some bug fixes, and added a nifty bonus panel that calculates your typing speed while you use Minuum. They also tweaked the functioning of the shift key a little.

Minuum 2.1 saw the addition of a Search & Share bonus panel. It includes a thesaurus, dictionary, Google search, and share button. The intent is to let you look things up and cross-post right from the keyboard.

2.1 also revised the Clipboard Tools panel with a button to cut selected text. Also new in 2.1 was the ability to choose currency symbols, either US, UK, or Euro, plus the “ñ” key for the Spanish-language.

So far the app is only available on the Android platform. Although Apple does not allow third-party keyboards to be installed on IOS devices, Whirlscape plans to make a Minuum version for iOS app developers to include in their software. So iPod, iPhone and iPad.users- keep an eye out for Minuum enabled apps in the future.

Android users can download the app here: