New Energy Machine Converts Waste to Energy

IST Energy today announced the launch of its new GEM waste-to-energy conversion system, which affordably creates clean energy from post-consumer waste. The GEM is the first compact and mobile waste-to-energy system, making it ideally suited for on-site installation at any location producing at least two tons of trash daily. Customer demonstrations are currently being scheduled and initial deliveries are planned for this summer.

In addition to eliminating 95 percent of daily consumer waste, such as paper, plastic, food, wood and agricultural materials, the GEM doubles as a clean energy producer. Through a patent-pending process, the system converts everyday trash into small pellets that are, in turn, converted into electricity and gas heat.

The GEM is the right product at the right time, said Stu Haber, president and CEO of IST Energy. The GEM has created a value for every bag of trash we generate – first by eliminating the need for disposal and then by converting it into energy. This model can save businesses, institutions and municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Never have sustainability and environmental stewardship been more of a focal point for Americans, especially considering President Obamas goals for energy independence.

By enabling on-site trash elimination, the GEM reduces the financial and environmental burdens of trash removal. One unit processes up to three tons of waste daily, providing the energy to power and heat a 200,000 square foot building housing more than 500 people all in all reducing annual waste disposal and energy costs by about $250,000. Venues that are ideal for use include universities, hospitals, malls, resorts, amusement parks, arenas, stadiums, large apartment complexes, office buildings and industrial plants, as well as city and town transfer stations.

In addition to providing financial savings, the GEM is eco-friendly and carbon negative, significantly diminishing greenhouse gases by 540 tons annually. The GEM also powers itself with the clean energy it produces, supplying users with a self-sustaining alternative energy source.

The compact system is eight feet high and covers about the size of three standard parking spaces. The GEM is presently being demonstrated to potential customers at the Boston-area headquarters of Infoscitex Corporation, IST Energys parent company.

This country produces an abundance of trash and requires an endless stream of energy, making the GEM ideal for many uses. For example, this past New Years Eve celebration in Times Square produced 40 tons of trash. Next year, the GEM could be placed on site and convert the celebrations trash into energy, enabling a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative, said Haber.

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