New Water Repelling Nanotech Swimsuits Hit The Market

By Wesley Roberts •  Updated: 03/03/09 •  3 min read

Sun Dry Swim, a company out of Brooklyn New York, has developed sportswear material that can repel water for swimmers using nanotechnology. The newly launched line of active wear fabric repels wetness and dries within moments after removing it from water can simply be “shaken out” to dry.

Amy Hardin, Sales Manager at Sun Dry Technologies explains the technology as

“Optimal technical performance paired with ultimate comfort. Sun Dry Swim fabrics are treated using our proprietary methods with a nanotechnology process that is inert, UV stable, and completely harmless to skin. The non-toxic nanotechnology treatment is water based and environmentally friendly”

The fabric has an invisible nanotechnology mesh around each fabric fiber, creating permanent water-repelling material without interfering with the fabric weave. This effect creates an easy to clean, breathable protected surface with water-resistant properties, the material cannot soak up liquid, while the fabric still looks and performs like top-quality swimsuit fabric.

Amy goes on say

“Sports wear fabrics that repel water seems like an unusual concept at first, but it really makes sense – why would you want a bathing suit that absorbs water, holds it next to your skin, and stays wet for a period of time? Our textiles are created using proven and safe materials nanotechnology, similar to technology used to make fabrics for splash and stain proof apparel. Sun Dry Swim water resistant performance fabrics are ideal for swimming and other active water sports. Sun Dry Swim Sport line is made from a premium sports wear fabric and offers a high level of chlorine resistance and color fastness. Our Children’s swimsuits offer an additional feature of SPF 50 rating and are ideal for children who are in and out of water at the beach or pool all day. The bathing suits dry within moments so prevent little ones being in a wet bathing suit for long as soon as they are out of the water. As a mom I’ve found these bathing suits an essential time saver especially when we go to the cottage and the kids are swimming every day. My kids aren’t in wet bathing suits all day at the beach, and at the end of the day their suits are dry! I don’t end up with a bag of damp bathing suits to rush to wash and get hung up as soon as we get home. I just wait until the next morning to give the suits a quick rinse, shake to dry and their suits are ready for the day.”

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