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3D Printed Seahorse Tail Model Inspires Engineers

Researchers test 3D-printed skeletal models of the seahorse tail, and the results may help design stronger and more flexible robots. Seahorses, small marine fishes in the genus Hippocampus, have tails that are square in cross-section. But why are seahorse tails square? A team of researchers set out to find the answer. They found that the […]

Electroluminescent Panels Printed Directly On 3D Objects

Electroluminescent lighting is widely used as backlighting in a variety of panels, such as aircraft cockpit readouts, automotive gauges, computer controlled thermostats and, of course, liquid crystal display panels in everything from wristwatches to e-reader devices. But one drawback of conventional electroluminescent panels is that they can only be bent up to a certain degree […]

3D Printed Microactuators for Liquid Materials Transport

Scientists at ETH Zurich have developed new forms of tiny magnetic actuators with new materials and microscopic 3D printing technology. Research has been ongoing into micrometre-sized actuators, which could eventually make it possible to transport drugs or chemical sensor molecules to specific locations throughout the human body. (Remember the sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage?) Development of […]