climate change

Did the young Earth really have a more dense atmosphere, as the current theory goes? Researchers recently used bubbles trapped in rocks to demonstrate that the air 2.7 billion years ago exerted at the most only half the pressure of today’s atmosphere. According to a study published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience, the [...]

Will We Care About Climate Change As Winters Get Warmer?

The majority of Americans have enjoyed more favorable weather conditions during the past 40 years. But that trend is projected to reverse over the course of the coming century. Will that shift come too late to spark demands for policy responses to climate change? A recent analysis published in the journal Nature found that 80 [...]

Great Barrier Reef Now 50% Dead Or Dying

More bad news for one of Earth’s largest marine eco-systems. As unprecedented mass bleaching spreads across Australia’s coral reefs, more than half of the corals in many parts of the Great Barrier Reef are dead or dying. Corals consist of tiny animals, known as polyps, which have microscopic plants from the genus Symbiodinium, living inside [...]

Global Mass Extinction: No Species Safe, Say Scientists

According to a new study, dominant species with a population spread around the globe are just as vulnerable in a mass extinction as more fragile species confined to a single locale. In the Earth’s history there has been five mass extinction events, including climate change caused by volcanoes and an asteroid hit 66 million years [...]