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Testing Hyper-complex Quantum Theories With An Exotic Metamaterial

Physicists have looked for deviations from standard quantum mechanics, testing whether quantum mechanics requires a more complex set of mathematical rules. A research team led by Philip Walther at the University of Vienna designed a photonic experiment using exotic metamaterials, which were fabricated at the University of California Berkeley. Their experiment supports standard quantum mechanics […]

Metamaterials Enable Semiconductor-free Microelectronic Device

The first ever semiconductor-free, optically-controlled microelectronic device has been developed by engineers at the University of California San Diego. The team used metamaterials to build a microscale device that has a 1,000 percent increase in conductivity when activated by low voltage and a low power laser. The breakthrough basically amounts to a modern-day vacuum tube […]

First Acoustic Metamaterial Device reconfigurable in Real Time

Dynamically altering the form of a three-dimensional colloidal crystal in real time is possible, research from the University of Bristol’s Department of Mechanical Engineering shows. This was done using an acoustic metadevice that is able to influence the acoustic space and control any of the ways in which sound waves travel. The colloidal crystals in […]

Metamaterial Tapered Waveguide on a Chip may boost Solar Cell efficiency

In breakthrough photonics research from University at Buffalo, a nanoscale microchip component called a “multilayered waveguide taper array” has been demonstrated that absorbs each frequency of light at different places vertically to catch a “rainbow” of wavelengths, or broadband light. Unlike current chips, the waveguide contains specialized tapers, the thimble-shaped structures pictured here. The work […]

Ultra-thin Light Sensor made from Quantum Cascade Structure plus Metamaterial

Two distinct technologies- metamaterials and quantum cascade structures- have been combined for the first time to create a novel and very thin form of light detector. The delicate interactions between electrons and light make for valuable technological characteristics. Ultra-thin systems of semiconductor layers, for example, can turn electrical voltage into light. They can also be […]