World’s Fastest Broadband Web Speed in Minnesota

worlds fastest internet

If you happen to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota you are in luck. Two years ahead of Google Fiber, US Internet is now offering 10 GBPS internet service.

At 399$ monthly, its not for the budget-minded, but if your home business depends on fast, dependable internet access to SAAS products, then the competitive edge is worth it. Of course, if you are an early adopter with enough to cover the bills, you will want this as soon as possible as well.

No Competition

Competitor VERIZON is also testing out a 10G GBPS broadband service. However, at the moment they have set no rollout date. The US Internet service has been tested and ready for hookup now.

The next fastest service available for small business and residential customers is 1 GBPS.

According to a recent study, Hong Kong ranks number 1 in the world for download speed at 72.49 MBPS. The US ranks 31st in the world, with an average speed of 20.77 MBPS. This new service should bump the US up quite a few notches.

The 10 GBPS connections will be available at first to a limited number of users only. US Internet has plans to expand the service by 2015.

“With our new fiber network, we have redefined what is considered broadband Internet and taken our speed capabilities to next-gen levels, resulting in the fastest Internet service the world has ever seen for home users,” said Co-CEO of US Internet Joe Caldwell. “With our new fiber network, we have redefined what is considered broadband Internet and taken our speed capabilities to next-gen levels, resulting in the fastest Internet service the world has ever seen for home users.”

The fiber optics technology for providing the internet to consumers for the premium service requires the wiring completely different in the home, which accounts for the high cost.

“The launch of our 10 GBPS Internet service,” continued Caldwell, “will make Minneapolis the first city in the world to receive access to the Internet at speeds never before experienced in our country, or any other country for that matter, both in terms of 10 GBPS download and upload speeds.”

One little problem. Unless your home is already wired for Fiber, you are out of luck for now. A note on US Internet’s order page at the time of writing is informing consumers:

Any new orders entered this year that require us to dig may not be completed until next Spring due to the upcoming ground freeze. Those that we are unable to complete this fall will have priority this upcoming Spring when the ground thaws.

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20 thoughts on “World’s Fastest Broadband Web Speed in Minnesota

    1. Wrong. GPON, bonding, carrier E all offer anywhere from 100 meg to 1 gig and its waaaayyyyyy faster and cheaper than any AT&T garbage

    2. The only advantage the US has is on the legal side. They are policed better by the government. Other than that their cell coverage and quality of service SUCKS!!

      1. Not only are they policed better but they are watched closer and all of their information is stolen by the NSA and their subordinates.

  1. Why?? Most data centres are just now provisioning with 10 Gig and that’s for backup more than anything else. What would a household need 10 gig for? Even an LCD would not need this <– google the acronym.

    1. because of everyone demanding fiber services and the speed capacity that comes with it. I agree, 10GBPS is a lot of residential, right now; however 1 gig is a good number.

    2. So people don’t have to waste time messing with loading and other network problems that slow down everything. We need the speed to approach TV so that online apps can work through the Internet.

  2. The article should read Hong Kong with an average of 72.49 Mbps, US 20.77 Mbps. Doesn’t anyone proof read this stuff?

  3. By not letting 10G equipment makers get up the learning curve on Google’s dollar, Minneapolis gets what Google will offer at $100 for $400. Is the bleeding edge great or what?

    1. 10 times faster than what google is offering, however google is offer television with their service, Gig service is more than decent for any user.

      The biggest issues will be the fiber shortages that are starting to hit with demand up and production lower than it was before. The Japan facility near Fukishima is still trying to get back online which provided a substantial amount of the markets fiber optics.

      Luckily the company I work for, we negotiated FIber installed at almost all of our facilities, so in a few years we’ll be able to get the higher speeds without having to deal with installation delays and costs.

  4. 31st in the world – how’s that feel USA? you invented the internet and now you are 31st in the world in average DL speed. and it ain’t cheap either, with average cost for 30MBs in the US nearing $100/month.

    1. Tell me about it! Here in North Carolina, my employer pays over $1000/mo for a 20×20 fiber connection. It’s seriously ridiculous. ISPs know that once the cat is out of the bag, it will be a race to the bottom, so their monopolistic structure is what’s holding prices up. Once wireless broadband catches up, that should be a more competitive environment.

      1. What’s really amazing is that 9/10ths of the fiber in the ground already is dark so that companies can throttle down everything and raise the price by not using existing resources – does ‘free enterprise’ really produce better results or just more profit for a few?

        1. It really makes me sick. Think of how much more productive we could be if we had access to bandwidth. It would improve business, education, medicine, you name it. Expensive internet is like saying only certain people can go to the library.

    2. I pay $54.05 for 50mb down and 10mb up. Not sure whom your getting ripped a new one by but those figures are not accurate.

  5. I hope with this spur of fiber roll outs to metro areas, the equipment being replaced, I hope that is used in more rural areas. I know some family who are still running at 768k dsl service and are paying $70 a month for it.

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