What happens when you combine the pure tones of an internationally renowned mezzo soprano and the complex technology of a $15 million quantum supercomputer? The answer will be exclusively revealed to audiences at the Port Eliot Festival when Superposition, created by Plymouth University composer Alexis Kirke, receives its world premiere later this summer. Combining the [...]

SkinTrack Turns Your Arm Into A Smartwatch Touchpad

A new wearable technology transforms your whole lower arm into a touchpad, widening smartwatch interactions beyond the small watch face. Called SkinTrack, the system allows for continuous touch tracking on the hands and arms. It also can detect touches at specific locations on the skin, creating functionality similar to buttons or slider controls. “The great [...]

Robot Mermaid Explores Coral Reef Ocean Depths

A robot named OceanOne with artificial intelligence and haptic feedback systems enables human pilots unprecedented abilities for exploring the depths of the oceans. Oussama Khatib held his breath as he swam through the wreck of La Lune, over 300 feet below the Mediterranean. The flagship of King Louis XIV sank here in 1664, 20 miles [...]

If you are fan of Tetris, you might be able to diet easier. Playing Tetris for as short a time as three minutes can weaken cravings for drugs, food and activities such as sex and sleeping by approximately one fifth, according to new research. A tema of psychologists from Plymouth University and Queensland University of [...]

In addition to Samsung and LG, Motorola is the latest major Android phone maker rushing to patch its devices against the Stagefright multimedia messaging security flaw. Security firm Zimperium, which uncovered the vulnerability affecting the Stagefright media library in late July, has come out with a detection app available through the Google Play. Recently Google, [...]